Invitation to Good

"But when you are invited, go." Jesus (Luke, 14:10)
In all epochs, good constitutes the divine source, susceptible of supplying us immortal values. A reflective man would have noticed that all the childhood period is a set of appeals to the sublime fount. The sacred invitation is repeated, years over and over. That comes through from loving human parents, from the schooling mentors, from the religious feelings, from common friends. However, rare intelligences reach the youth with attention set on the elevated inducement. Nearly everyone listens to the request of inferior nature, ignoring precious obligations.The appeals, nevertheless, continue ...Here, it is a friendly book, revealing the truth in silence; there, it is a generous colleague who insists in favour of the illuminated realities of life... The rebellion, however, yet throughout adulthood, laughs unconsciously, going, therefore, in a compulsory march towards natural disenchantment, which imposes him more balanced thoughts. In the Jesus's Gospel, the invitation to good marks eternal clarity. By responding to it, we can go forth towards our Father, with no hesitation.If the Christian bugle has already reached your ears, accept its clarion without vacillating.Don't you wait for the goad of necessity. Under the tempest, it is even more difficult to view the safe shore.The majority of our brotherhood on Earth march towards God under the ultimate of sufferings, but don't you wait for the whip of darkness, as you can go on, calmly, by the clear road of love.
Emmanuel - From the book "Our Bread"(Pão Nosso), psychographed by the medium Francisco C. Xavier


The one who gives in to suicide, as the ultimate solution for the anguishing problems of life, is completely wrong. Life is endless, it is an eternal asset granted by God to His children, which purpose is the continuous progress of human beings until they reach spiritual perfection. A suicide faces despairing situations in the spiritual plane, even more intense and painful than the ones experienced here on Earth. No one has the right of putting an end to his or her own life. The body dies, disintegrates, the spirit, however, will continue alive, atoning for its actions in compliance with the eternal and immutable divine Law. Moreover, in the subsequent incarnations a guilty spirit will face bigger and more afflictive problems which can even mark its new physical body with irreversible sequels, consequence of an unthoughtful behaviour. How many people now live painful existences, marked by a suicide committed in previous lives. The desertion of the organic life doesn't put an end to bitterness, on the contrary, complicates them considerably, creating dark stains of sufferings that only successive lives will be able to eliminate. The recommended therapies for healing afflictions considered unbearable are, with no doubt, prayer, patience, comprehension, resignation, faith in God, allied to the study of the truth and noble work towards the welfare of others as taught by Jesus.
F. de Oliveira

Your Book

Your existence on Earth is like a book you are writing. Every day is a new page, every hour is an evidence of your personality through the people and the situations you encounter. Don't disdain the opportunity of creating an epic of love around your name. Good works are sentences of light that you address to the whole humanity. In each answer you give to others, in each expression you give to your next, in each manifestation of your point of view and in each demonstration of your soul, you print, with everlasting ink, the history of your journey. Upon the impressions you produce, it's built the book of your testimonies. Death is the great collector, who will collect the scattered pages of your biography, written by yourself on the lives that surround you. Don't reject the company of indulgence through the path which the Lord has given you to tread. Build an area of love around your own heart, because only love is sufficiently powerful and wise to guide you, on your individual writings, and consequently converting these writings into a compendium of assistance and hope to whoever follows your steps. Live with Jesus, in the intimacy of your heart. In your everyday actions, don't distance yourself from Him, and the book of your life will turn into a poem of happiness and a treasure of blessings.
Emmanuel - psychographed by the medium Francisco C. Xavier

God's Shop

I went in and saw an Angel standing behind the counter. Amazed I looked at him and said, "What is it that you sell?". "All God's gifts", he replied. "Are they expensive?", I promptly asked. "No, they are all free of charge". I went on contemplating the shop, I saw jars and flasks of Faith, packets of Hope, little boxes of Salvation and Wisdom. I courageously placed my order, "Please, I very much want the Love of God, all his Forgiveness and eternal Salvation for my family and I." The Angel then prepared a little parcel, so small that it fitted on the palm of my hand. "Is it possible for EVERYTHING to be here?" Smiling the Angel replied, "My Beloved brother, in God's store we don't sell fruits, only seeds." The mere appearance of pureness is not enough, because above all else it is necessary to have a pure heart.